News letter


January 2018
Hello campers!
Happy New Year!
Another year, another camping season! We rounded off 2017 with our new year meet at Southport –the weather was not as bad as other areas just very wet and very windy ( always a good excuse to take shelter in the pub!!) The first evening was spent catching up with friends and getting back into the swing of things – after all, it was a good three weeks since we were last out in the van! There was plenty of dancing and games and also the welcome and hilarious return of “I’m a caravanner, get me out of here” with some enthusiastic and some very reluctant participents; the real life creepy crawlies were not harmed in the making of this production although the pride of some campers were!!
Breakfast was served in the morning (when else?!) as usual it was excellent value for money – a full English plus tea and toast for £2.50. Better not big it up too much or they’ll be putting it up next year! That set us up nicely for the day and back in time to dress for dinner, a lovely four course meal all beautifully served. A big thank you for all the hard work, taking up most of the day while we were enjoying ourselves. The following evening we were treated to our annual “Ribblesdale’s got talent” which once again lived up to expectations, with singing , magic, and comedy. Many of the contestants probably thought that they were in with a chance but then half way through the show on came young Jamie with a superb rendition of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect where he even sung in Italian what a star! Maybe he should have been on last then the others would have been able to believe for a little longer!! Of course it would be our turn to do the music after that, mild panic set in – how do we cap that – thankfully folk were on a high and found it easy to enjoy themselves (probably aided by a few slugs of alcohol!!)
And so to New Year’s Eve where we all dressed to impress; everyone in their best bib and tucker – never seen so many men suited and booted! I don’t know how but I always seem to get between two people who move at different speeds when it comes to Auld Lang Syne –one side of me is pulled forward while the other side is being dragged backwards – not very good for the shoulders!! As always the big clean up the morning after was completed quickly and efficiently proving that the saying “many hands make light work” is certainly true. As always we say a big massive thank you to the new year committee for all their hard work such a lot of which we don’t see behind the scenes – they’re probably already beginning to think about this year’s! The committee always give that extra effort to help make sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone enjoys themselves and it is always greatly appreciated.
We have just had our early bird meet at Whittingham and Goosnargh where there were 20 units camping – good for the time of year and a not too good weather forecast .Mind you, the weather has not stopped the flowers – on a walk on Friday afternoon we saw plenty of snowdrops and some daffodils ( and I don’t mean in a vase on a windowsill!!) – on the 19th January!! Just had to take a photo! On Friday we had  a get together in the club; when we walked in it looked like there was a game of pass the parcel going on – everyone was sat in a circle (on chairs not the floor!) Turns out that they were throwing an imaginary ball around – well some of them had been in since happy hour!! Saturday’s social was very enjoyable with music dancing and games. There were also a few birthdays to celebrate  - Kev’s was on the Saturday we celebrated by going on a two hour walk –don’t think he was too impressed!! We also raised £68 for our new charity which we will be voting for at our AGM, hopefully we will raise as much as we did last year for Cystic Fibrosis which was the fantastic amount of £3,125.55! Sunday dawned very wet which rapidly turned snowy and sleety ensuring that the vast majority were packed up and off pretty quickly!
Our season proper starts the 8-13th February at Farmer Parr’s Fleetwood then you can continue straight on to Dale Hey at Ribchester 13th-18th which makes a full week if you are on half term (seems like they’ve only just gone back after Christmas!!). 23rd-25th we are at West Bradford village hall near Clitheroe – all these meets have hard standing and there will be socials as well. This brings us to the AGM which is 2nd -4th March at Turnover Hall Farm St. Michael’s. The AGM is at 6pm sharp on Saturday and please remember to bring your valid membership cards with you. One of the main jobs is electing a committee; at the moment there are two vacant posts for music presenter and social secretary – if you fancy joining us just see a committee member and we will get the ball rolling. It would be nice to have a full committee, we work together as a team and there is always help available  .There will of course be a social and a buffet after the AGM.
You should soon be receiving your new BCC sites book for 2018 – don’t forget to fill in the membership card and hand it in to continue being a member of this fantastic club; you have to do this every year, not just when you join the BCC. That’s about all for now
        See you on the field, Karen B.