September 2018
Hello campers!
There’s a bit of a nip in the air now and I’m having to put the light on in the mornings when I get up for work (when I’m not working there’s no chance of that!!) a sure sign that summer is drawing to a close – but what a fantastic summer we have had!! The sun continued to shine at Clapham except for one weekend – yes, you guessed it – the fun weekend in the village; typical!! We were hoping to see the blood moon on the Friday evening but of course it was cloudy, then the rain arrived on the Saturday – the fun day was still very well attended and the rain dried up in the afternoon. A good pointer of the summer was that almost every coffee morning was held outside – a first for many a year!! Our charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind, benefited by over £1,300 at the THS, a big thank you to everyone who bought tickets and donated prizes, without this it would not be possible. Also a massive thanks to the stewards, their helpers and anyone who helped in any way to help make it a success; don’t forget – if any of your friends mention Clapham and mud in the same sentence, don’t hesitate to put them right!! While helping to steward at Clapham our treasurer Carole was taken ill and ended up in hospital but she is now slowly on the mend and she would like to thank everyone for their good wishes, cards and flowers – she can’t wait to get back in to her new caravan, she’s only spent a couple of weeks in it, if that!!
The weather ( or rather the forecast ) meant that Bay View was not as well attended as we hoped, we did actually get a view of the bay sometimes – typically the best as we were getting ready to leave on the Sunday!
The bank holiday weekend meant we were at Kelso for the BCC FOL. Ribblesdale had 18 units camping in our lines and even the campers who arrived without any plans for a display or for lighting up changed their minds and got cracking!! Thursday was the first day of the meet and as always a good chance to look for and catch up old friends, many of who we only see a couple of times a year; and of course a good way to find out if they have arrived and to meet new faces is to volunteer for a job – I started off on welcome brews, moved onto the tombola and then a stint on admin, meaning there was plenty of opportunity for meeting almost anyone. After another stint on admin on Friday there was enough time for a walk into town, a really lovely place, then back to camp where we were entertained by a Neil Diamond tribute act. Saturday saw us preparing the “street” for the big light up; stringing lights up, making sure the genny was working, then up went the bunting (had to make sure it was high enough not to garrotte anyone!!) Now on to our own displays and lending a hand to others – this sort of thing generates a real community spirit – plenty of laughs and a bit of gin!! Light up time had been moved to 8pm but as it was Scotland it was still light but dusk did fall and we could see the results of everyone’s efforts; and what an effort! As always we had a fantastic time wandering around looking at everyone’s streets and sampling their wares (hic!); into the hall for a warm up and to reflect on the evening; fairly quickly we made our way back to base, the day having caught up  with us! Sunday was a busy day for the ladies of Ribblesdale; after a fantastic carvery lunch served by the caterers it was all hands on deck for the cream teas – nearly 160 tickets sold and an hour to serve them in ! Gulp! Anyway it all went like a well oiled machine and was much appreciated by everyone. Just time to get our breath back and back in the hall for the ceilidh – if you’ve never been to one I recommend it. Even if you don’t take part it’s a great sight and of course there is the guide to call out the steps. On Monday we had the pennon parade and closing ceremony – a parade in Scotland without a piper!! My offer of a vuvuzela from the world cup was declined by Meg ( I was only half joking!!) and I think the word is “improvised” – we in the BCC are nothing if not resourceful! Country and Western provided the entertainment on Monday with plenty of chances to line dance. It seemed no time at all that it was time to pack up – a big thanks to Meg and all her helpers for another successful FOL, here’s to next year at Worcester! Having the rest of the week off we moved to Beadnell, a beautiful site, well worth a visit. Ribblesdale’s weekend rally was at Stainforth down by the river, where campers enjoyed a lovely meal in the restaurant. Following the FOL there were two THS meets, Dinarth Hall near Llandudno which is becoming more and more popular, and a 10 day meet at Harrogate where homemade soup, cheesecake and chocolate were the order  of the day. Leslie had better be careful, people will be queuing up with their soup bowls!! We have a few weekend rallies where details can be found in Out and About and on the website, then our next THS at South Shore in Blackpool where we will be incorporating our Hallowe’en celebrations, then on to Farmer Parr’s at Fleetwood for  our bonfire and fireworks meet – for start times contact the stewards.
This year we have a new venue for our Christmas dinner – Rolls Royce in Barnoldswick; there is hard standing and entertainment in the club; it is a booked meet so if you are interested contact Pauline 07377531126 for details of availability. The menu can be seen on our website –there’s more than just turkey!!
See you on the field,
     Karen B

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