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Newsletter January 2022

Ribblesdale BCC

Hello everyone, hope we are keeping safe with this new variant going around.

Great news our Facebook has gone up to 719 members, my target was a 1000 however I’m really pleased as to where we are now.

We have had our Christmas Lunch at the ‘Rolls Royce Club’ which was absolutely brilliant, appreciation to Dave & Pauline in organising this event as it takes so long to get everyone’s orders and booking confirmations and sorry to say I also am to blame for being a

This weekend (3rd – 5th December) gone we did our annual Kids Christmas Party which was disappointing at first as to how many names I had got down to attend (5) however thanks to the Jepson’s motley crew of the ‘Barclay Boy’s’ Grandkids and others fetching there children it ended up as a really really good weekend.  Kids and adults loved the Santa with the two grown up elves and they even wanted a photo with him.  Ah bless if only they knew who he really was.  LOL Jokes (Tom).

Unfortunately, on the Sunday morning Julie & Karen’s brakes got jammed on their van and couldn’t move, luckily, we have an handy mechanic in our group and set them off their merry way. Thanks Mick and all the helpers.

We are next out on our New Year Meet at Southport were the New Year Committee work extra hard to make our stay welcome.  Sooooo looking forward to this.

Plans are underway to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee next year were the Spring bank Holiday Monday has now changed to Thurs 2nd & Fri 3rd June. Watch this space for the THS @ Langcliffe.

Again I would like to take this opportunity to Thank ALL the stewards who do a great job.  If it wasn’t for these volunteers, we would have no meets.

I’d like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Let’s all make 2022 an even better year. 😊

All take care and stay safe and I will see you on the field



Bob Jones passed away 8th November. Bob and his wife Mavis camped with us for many years. They both loved to get up and dance at every opportunity. Will be sadly missed ☹

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