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Affordable and friendly all year round camping

Who are we?

Ribblesdale is an area of the British Caravanners Club, which is a section of the Camping & Caravanning Club, We meet on a regular basis and have a full calendar of weekend meets, five day meets and holiday sites. In the winter months we also have socials often in village halls. We also have some special booked meets such as our Christmas Dinner and New Year Meet at Southport. Please look at the site pages for more details.



What is Social Camping?


A weekend meet will normally take place over a weekend, but can be open for up to 5 nights, also known as rallies. We run them all year round, offering basic facilities of fresh water and somewhere for waste disposal (Elsan). They make fantastic value social camping.


Similar to weekend meets but situated in popular holiday destinations like seaside resorts and countryside retreats, Temporary holiday sites offer members the chance to camp affordably throughout the UK for longer periods than weekend meets as they can be open for up to 28 days.


Periodically throughout the year we host some featured events. They can fall into the weekend meet or THS category but with much more emphasis on entertainment. You can see all our featured events by clicking the button below.


Upcoming Sites

What our Members Think


Sunday, 24 September 2023

average rating is 5 out of 5


On the 1st of september while tracelling home from another THS my husband had a heart attack. Our friends that were staying on Dinarth hall Rhos-on-sea Ths came to us and took our caravan, car, dogs and youngest son back to your site while i went with my husband to the hospital. The stewards were absolutely amazing. The only thing they ever asked me is was i ok, was my husband ok and told me if i needed anything just to ask. They took some of the worry away of where was i going to stay so i could be near my husband till he could come home. They let me and my daughter be next to our friends so we had the support we needed. They were so warm and welcoming and the support i needed was there without question. Thankyou so much to all the stewards i can't thankyou enough. Hope to see you again soon (under better circumstances) Sarah, Nigel and family.

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